Rhubarb Ginger

Rhubarb Ginger

This gin cocktail gift set is..


The tangy twist one - an easy cocktail for someone who doesn't like tonic based drinks.


Includes a cocktail recipe, personalised note from you; all wrapped in luxury wood wool, tissue paper, sealed with a gold sticker.


Full details below


Our boxes come ready to be opened in the post by the recipient. If you are sending it to yourself & then gifting, we have the option to add in a smaller box that you can then take out of the outer as an extra special touch.  Option for this below. 

  • Rhubarb Gin (5cl)

    Farm grown, fresh, tangy and sweet!


    Skinny Ginger Ale (150ml)

    A unique fusion of the soft bitterness of quinine and the distinctive notes of the Arabica bean. This a sophisticated tonic for those that wish to explore the boundaries of gin blending. Zero calories, zero sugar, nothing artificial.


    Milk Chocolate & Rhubarb Gin Bar (90g)

    The slightly tangy and very distinctive taste of rhubarb matches perfectly with the flavour of juniper and milk chocolate


    Juniper Dried Fruit Garnish (35g)

    The King Botanical for Gin.  This bag contains 30 grams of organically grown Juniper Berries from the EU, more than enough to give your favourite drink a feisty juniper boost.

    A gin's not gin without them!


    Rose Gold Stainless Steel Straw

    215cm long, environmentally friendly, can be used again and again. Fully 304 high quality stainless steel inside and out. A beautiful rose gold colour.


    All wrapped in luxury wood wool, tissue paper and sealed with a gold sticker. 


    We pop in a cocktailr recipe or two and a personalised note from you.

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