Pink Petals

Pink Petals

This gin cocktail gift set is...


Fruity, flowery and all things pink. All our favoruite pink gin gifts in one box!


Includes a cocktail recipe, personalised note from you; all wrapped in luxury wood wool, tissue paper, sealed with a gold sticker.


Full details below

  • Raspberry Gin (5cl)  Fruity, Jamy and Vibrant made from fresh raspberries & blackberries


    Rhubarb Gin (5cl) Farm grown, fresh, tangy and sweet!

    Rose Lemonade (125ml) Gently sparkling made with rose oil


    Raspberry Gin Rock Sweets (x1 bag) Each gin rock sweet is wrapped individually and has a little heart running through the middle

    Gin Jam Cocktail Mix (x2) Fruity raspberry cocktail mix - simply add to drink to transform into a raspberry cocktail


    Hibiscus Flower Petals (30g) The petals impart a bright cherry red colour to hot water and provide a delicate floral taste (similar to cranberry)


    Milk Chocolate & Rhubarb Gin Bar The slightly tangy and very distinctive taste of rhubarb matches perfectly with the flavour of juniper and milk chocolate.


    Rose Gold Stainless Steel Straw


    Wrapped in wood wool, tissue paper and a personalised note from you