What to get someone who loves gin?

Gift Her Gin was born for many reasons, but one of those reasons and why we chose gin out of all drinks was because it's a family favourite and we have annual gin parties every year where every family member brings a bottle of their favourite, gin, mixer and garnish and we vote for our favourites.

However, currently people are having to come up with new ways to give personalised gifts, whilst being apart and so we have been doing lots of research and these are our top 5 gin gifts that we're seen. Easily sent through the post, they are unique & special in their own way...

Our top 5 unique gin gifts

  1. Personalise the actual gin bottle - Warner's Gin

  2. Gin Subscription Boxes - The Local Gin Subscription

  3. Miniature Gin Flavour Boxes - Gift Her Gin

  4. Beautiful Balloon Gin Glasses - Oliver Bonas

  5. Gin Botanical Sets - The Food Market

So let's dive a little more into the list & why we've picked these as our best five gin gifts that can be sent to your gin loving friend... oh, and we're not affiliates of any of these they are genuinely our favourites and put together for some inspo for you...

Personalise Your Gin Bottle

We love this idea from Warner's Gin. This is ideal if you know that your gin friend has a favourite flavour. You can personalise the actual bottle up to 20 characters. They have a whole collection of delicious fruity gins so we bet you'll be able to find one! Our favourites? Their raspberry or rhubarb ones; we love them so much we have them in our boxes too.

Gin Subscription Boxes

We've seen more and more of these crop up on the market over the last year. A really nice idea if you're looking on the more expensive side, but also the lucky person will get a new gift each month, bi monthly or even quarterly. Our faves? Hmm it's a toughie but we love this one from the Local Gin Company; because their unique spin is that you can select your box from any local region - nice touch!

Miniature Gin Flavour Gift Boxes

Could we do a top 5 & not include one of our delicious boxes? Of course not. We maybe bias, but we think we have the loveliest gin flavour experience boxes. Having miniature gins, different real gin treats and some lovely garnishes it means there is so much choice and the free personalised note from you too.

For any special occasion, for any gin personality you'll find the perfect box to gift them gin.

Gin Glasses

We love a good, classic gin glass and there is some gorgeous options out there. What's not to love? More room

for garnishes, plenty of ice and fruits, plus, the large bowl pushes the aromas of the gin botanicals to your nose while you drink! If you want a personalised gin glass, we recommend heading over to Etsy as there's some fab small businesses to support over there.

These pictured we also like the subtle but classy detail; these are from Oliver Bonas

Gin Botanical Sets

When it comes to gin spices & botanicals there are so many options depending on your gin and mixers! So, this is a pretty unique gift that can last a gin lover ages. The most common include spices (coriander, cardamom, anise), flowers (rose, lavender) and citrus peel (lemon, grapefruit). Great if you know they'll get lots of gin from other people. There are plenty of places to find these online. The Food Market has a variety but also look on other places such as our favourite, Etsy.

There you have it, our top 5 gin gift ideas that can be sent straight in the post. Just remember, some places they'll come gift wrapped, like us, but if you're ordering some other sites you'll just want to check if they come gift wrapped with a personalised note in - as we think that extra special touch can make all the difference.

Love, Gift Her Gin x

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