The quintessentially British 3 gin gift set & why it's the perfect gift

Christmas? Birthday? Special occasion gift? Looking for something something thoughtful to give them, but want that personalised touch whilst being miles away? Then we got you!!

Our love for all things gin and gifts here at Gift Her Gin have meant that we consider ourselves experts on the topic and we have put together in one place a beautifully packaged, gin gift set. So check out why this is the must have set for any Gin Lover in your life...

The Gins...

Let's start with the most important part, the three gins and why we chose them.

Cucumber Gin

From our friends who provided us this gorgeous gin over at The English Gin Company have said the below and we couldn't have said it better ourselves...

"Cucumber Gin is happy to be mingled with coriander sprigs and mint, take the lead role in a gin fizz or simply to be enjoyed over the freshest of ice." - UM YES PLEASE! Mint and Cucumber gin, name us a better combo!

Orange Gin

"The Orangery Gin is a delicious, traditionally crafted gin, infused with Valencian oranges leading to zesty, citrus notes and a delicate smooth finish. Serve over ice with a good tonic and a slice or two of orange."

Again from our friends over at the English Gin Company! We love this festive or fruity gin, paired with a rosemary we have found for something a little extra.

Raspberry Gin

Finishing off the box we have this feisty fruity gin, provided by Pinkster Gin. We especially liked this one as it's made in the UK too and with fresh raspberries.

Complementing the Gins with...

Hotly contested subject in the Gift Her Gin household, to tonic or not to tonic? As this box is very patriotic we've decided to jump in with 3 tonics in this set and kept it traditional! Of course, we have gone with the creme de la creme in the tonic world; Fever Tree. In this beauty of a box you get three of these. Blended botanical oils & water in the hills of the Congo, what more could you ask for.


We couldn't pick, G&T popcorn or hand made Warwickshire Gin truffles...

So, why should we? Both of these delicious treats are in this box that really top if off to be a little bit of luxury in a box!

Finishing Touches

Along with all of these goodies, we really want our boxes to have that hand made, special touch even if you're miles away from your loved one! That's why every single Gift Her Gin box comes with a free personalised note from you, a cocktail recipe card, all wrapped in luxury wood wool pick and tissue paper so it's all ready for them to open when it's delivered to their door.

And there you have it; our Brand New Luxury 3 Gin Gift Box. We're extremely proud of it and know that you or your gin loving friends will love this too.

Get your hands on one today as we have limited stock; Buy Now


The Gift Her Gin Team x

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