Gift Her Gin's in Review

We know how special our Gin Gifts are and we are super proud of the gin flavour experiences that we've created. But, we get we come across a little bias sooo that's why we were thrilled to check our notifications one morning & see that @Jamie_and_gin had done a review of his gift that he received, after being a competition winner! So, over to Jamie.

Jamie's words...

This is a beautifully presented box which features many goodies from gin, chocolates to snacks!

I’d certainly recommend the box for anyone to get as a gift for a gin lover and it was a great way to try out new gins as well as try out some gin cocktails!

The box included 2 cocktail recipe cards as well as tips on how to make to G&T or cocktail look beautiful with extra touches such as floral iced cubes using edible flowers. 

This box featured two gin miniatures from the @theenglishdrinksco cucumber gin and an orange gin. Both of which were not overpowering in the slightest but a gentle sweetness and added touch to a London dry.

The cucumber gin was used to create the cucumber cooler cocktail recipe that was included in this beautiful box. This was refreshing and the lime and sugar added a touch of sweetness and citrus notes to a smooth gin. Perfect cocktail for the summer or to remind you of those lovely summer days.


The orange gin was used as part of a classic G&T using the Fever-Tree tonic water that was included. and the sweetness orange notes added to this delightful London dry gin. 

I really enjoyed trying out the gin jam in a cocktail as well as the gin and elderflower tonic sweet stirrers. 

Using the other recipe card, I create a pink gin fizz. The jam added a slight raspberry sweetness and tartness to the cocktail as well as an added texture as it includes raspberry seeds and there seems to be no hint of artificial flavours in this. As Pinkster create this Gin jam using the leftover raspberries from making their very own pinkster gin. 

The gin and elderflower stirrers added a nice sweetness to the gin and extra elderflower notes. I would recommend them for a good Halloween cocktail as when they fully dissolve the drink turns bright green. I look forward to experimenting with these stirrers fully and seeing what wonderful cocktail concoctions I can create. 

The gin truffle chocolates were to delicious and were quickly demolished! The truffles were a fantastic mixture of white and milk chocolate which melted in your mouth and a added a delicate gin and tonic flavour. 

This box celebrates a lot of fabulous gins and gin goodies that can be found nationwide and I’ll certainly be purchasing some for gifts come Christmas time. 

Thank you Jamie for this review, and we're really glad someone else appreciates all the gin goodies that are all from the UK, just like us! If you'd like to get a gin flavour experience box delivered to your door, check out our gift boxes today. Shop Now.

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