A gin gift with a difference & why you need this!

gin foodie gift set
Gin nibbles gift set

Here are Gift Her Gin, we LOVE all the different gin products that are arriving in this space and they make the perfect present, stocking filler, birthday gift, or just a simple 'thinking of you' delight.

So, we are made our Gin Nibbles, limited edition box especially for this occasion, when you know they'll get heaps of gin, so lets give them something a little different...

1. Let's start with Gin Cornish Fudge, yep you heard that right! The geniuses over at Pinkster Gin have designed this fudge & here at Gift Her Gin, as the professional taste testers we are... we love it! This fudge is made with Pinkster Gin and boozy, gin-soaked raspberries.

2. Next up, we're staying with different gin style foods as we have Joe & Seph's G&T popcorn, They partnered with a London Dry Gin company to create the World's first Gin & Tonic Popcorn! This is delicious and is made with 5% real gin and 5% tonic. This is the perfect garden nibble accompaniment and the reason it got a spot in our luxury nibbles set.

3. We're staying with the weird and wonderful things created with gin and we're moving on to maybe our favourite 2 things in 1 product... ladies, we give you gin and chocolate. A match made in heaven? You better believe it. We have tried various variants but the best in the business for us in this delicious hand made Rhubarb Gin Chocolate from Choc Affair. Why do we love this so much? Not only is it made with sustainably sourced cocoa, but the Rhubarb's tangy-ness compliments the gin perfectly.

4. Last but not least, staying on the confectionary theme, we have these cheeky drink stirrers from Holly's Lollies. There are various gin based ones but we've finished this box off with Gin and Elderflower stirrers. These are completely edible and we recommend matching 1 with a classic G&T with a little wedge of lemon. A modern twist on the classic way to enjoy your G&T. You'll get 6 in the box so plenty of different drinks to test them with to find your perfect combo!

And there you have it, our top 4 finds that will impress and delight the gin lover in your life. Our Nibbles, limited edition box also comes with an exclusive recipe card and you can write your own personalised message for free!

Bag yourself one of these before they go here...SHOP NOW.

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