5 things that make the ultimate Pink Gin Gift...

If there's two things we love, it's gin and pink. So when we first decided to start our small biz of gifting gin, of COURSE we knew the first box had to be a pretty perfect Pink Gin Gift Box.

We did a lot of research (you're welcome as you can imagine it was terrrrible!...) all over the UK and we have popped together the ultimate box of pink gin goodness!

So let's delve into what makes the best gin gift box?!

1. The Pink Gin (DUH!)

We selected this one from Pinkster Gin . Not only do we love the branding but this gin is made with real raspberries! Top tip on how to serve from Pinkster themselves;

Just add a raspberry and a sprig of well-spanked, fresh mint for a refreshingly different G&T.

2. Raspberry Pink Gin Rock Sweets

We love this revolutionary product from Hollies Lollies Sweets AND gin in one place? Ermm yes please. And when we saw the latest flavour of Raspberry these were a no brainer to include. We love them so much, we always pop a few in our handbag when we're out and about!

3. Gin Jam Cocktail Mix

Gin JAM... in a cocktail? What is this wizardry?! Also founded by the Pinkster Gin crew, this is what we think is the secret weapon to our pink gin gift box! This little gem is actually made from left over inebriated raspberries.

Simply pour and stir this into your G&T! Let us know what you think over at @gifthergin on Instagram.

4. Rose Lemonade

Now, we know this a hotly contested subject with people having VERY strong views on whether to stick to the classic G&T or mix things up a bit & go with a lemonade if you'd like it less bitter. For this box we've gone for Fentimans Rose Lemonade. If you're after a box with tonic check out our Luxury Gift box...

5. All our of extras...

Ah shoot, we're at our #5 and we still have more that is included in our box that we didn't get round to! Included in every Pink Gin Gift Box is our eco friendly rose gold ( our fav colour) stainless steel straw, a pink gin cocktail recipe card for gin making inspo and of course, in a personalised note if this is a gift for someone!

So, what to do you think? We are in love with this Pink Gin Gift set, perfect for the gin lover in your life! Plus at just £24.95 including all of the above all wrapped in our luxury packaging of wood wool & bright pink tissue paper, what's not to love!?

Find out more and purchase your gin gift here

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