Level up your gin drinks! Our 3 must have recipes...

Here at Gift Her Gin we love cocktails so we thought we would give you our best three that are all perfect for different occasions. We love these three so much that each of our Gin Gift Sets has at least one of these recipes in...

Let's jump right in...

Pink Party Fizz

Perfect to get the party started! This one is a great first cocktail on the night kind of vibe to it.


5cl pink gin

Rose lemonade


Fresh raspberries


Get your nicest champagne flute

Add the pink gin

Add equal measures

of rose lemonade & prosecco

Use raspberries to garnish

And there you have it. Easy to make, very Instagramable and perfect for us Prosecco loving, sweet toothed gals!

Not such a sweet tooth fan? Then maybe this Cucumber Cooler is more up your alley for the ultimate gin cocktail...

We find this cucumber number is the most popular during the summer months. Plus, maybe the most quintessentially British twist cocktail?

Now, our final one for you is not a cocktail as such but it's a really easy way to level up your cocktails, perfect for garden parties, or anytime you want to add a little something special in a very simple way....

Flower Cubes

Place edible flowers in an ice cube tray, add a little water & freeze. Simple but they are game changing for that perfect G&T. Want to try something else? There's so many options. Mint? Cucumber? Berries? Depending on your G&T or drink you have think what compliments them the most and add into an ice cube tray first, before you get going. Trust us, you'll never have a normal ice cube in your gin again!

And there you have it, our best three ways to level up our gins. Feeling inspired? Order one of our boxes today and get cracking on your own gin cocktails!

Before we go, we have been voted by feedspot one of the top gin blogs of 2020- which is awesome as we're brand new! Want to check out some other epic gin blogs there's some great ones to look through!

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